Monday, November 15, 2010

Use your talent to give back - Help Portrait 2010

I just thought I'd make a quick post about this really cool event called Help-Portrait. So what is Help-Portrait? Well it's a bunch of photographers getting together, in whatever town you're from, and going out into the community and doing portraits of people who might not ordinarily get portraits. These people could be the homeless, low-income seniors, single-parents and their kids etc. Afterwards you print out the photos and give them to the people you've shot. Check out their website, they've got some really inspiring videos about last year's wildly successful campaign.

It may not sound like much at first but it's amazing how much something as simple as a good photo can improve ones self esteem and the way they look at themselves.

The event for this year is supposed to take place Saturday December 4th so if you're interested in taking part head over to and signup, then do a search to see if there is already a group for your city.

Saskatoon's got a group this year and we're busy trying to figure out all of the details, if you want to get involved signup at the website and join the Saskatoon group!

I'll post a follow-up after Dec 4th hopefully with some pics and behind the scenes stuff.


Elena said...

OK - I'm LOVING THIS!!! FABULOUS, WORTHY IDEA! God bless whoever thought of this and may the blessings you give be given back to you a "thousand-trillion" (words of my daughter) times! I'm so in on this! AND I'm spreading the word! Thank you, thank you. I'm so thrilled to have found this post!! Much kindness, ElenaPatrice

jphphotography said...

Glad to hear you like the idea Elena, if you're from Saskatoon hopefully I'll see you at our event.