Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm still here!!!

It has been waaaaaay too long since I made a post and I'm sorry, I started a new job last fall and I've been incredibly busy. Luckily I've still been shooting so I'm planning on catching up on posts over the next little while, next post will be my trip last summer to Banff which contains some great landscape shots in infrared.

Back to the bit about my new job, I left my old career as an electronics technician and joined a video production company called Bamboo Shoots. Since starting there I've done a wide range of different things ranging from broadcast engineering to network administration to photography and dslr video. My electronics background helps with the first two and my photography background aids in last.

While I have still been doing a decent amount of photography I have also been starting to get more into video and will be posting topics relating to this as well in the future.

Below is a video we did for a local property development called Sarilia Estates who wanted a video showcasing the area and the laid back lifestyle. It was a day and a half shoot with a crew of 3, two cameras and a director, I was one of the camera operators. We shot this on my 5D Mark II and my t2i. This was incredibly fun to shoot, the people at Sarilia were amazing as was the stunning river valley which was just in the golden stage of autumn. I hope we get to do more projects like this.

PS Click the gear and choose 7209 or 1080p then switch to full screen if you want to really want to watch it properly! 


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