Monday, October 20, 2008

DIY Twin Diffuser for flash

We're going to see how well posting a DIY works. Here is a quick and easy project that you can probably make for free since you'll have most of this stuff lying around. There is a commercially available version of this that I won't mention here, this device is so simple I couldn't justify the fifty bucks they wanted for it.

What you'll need:

1 Rubber band or a piece of fabric elastic
1 Regular sized paperclip
1 7½" Piece of semi hard steel rod or flat band
1 piece of white plastic (margarine container lid) or cardstock
Hot glue gun
Needle-nose pliers
15 min of time

Step 1:
Bend the 7½" steel rod at 90° 2½" up, then bend another 90° 1½" down from that. You should end up with something that resembles what you see in the top left of the photo above.

Step 2:
Using the scissors cut two pieces out of the white plastic at 2"x2" and two pieces at 1" by 2"

Step 3:
Cut two 2½" pieces from the elastic and using the hot glue gun attach them to the two 1" by 2" strips of plastic.

Step 4:
Straighten out your paperclip and loop it once around the top portion of the steel piece you bent earlier. See finished image below for a better idea.

Step 5:
Glue the metal legs to the sides of the plastic 1"by 2" pieces. Make sure you glue this to the opposite side we glued the elastic band to, this way the metal doesn't rub against our flash and scratch it.

Step 6:
The last step is to glue the two reflectors to the paperclips, contrary to the image below I fount it worked better to bend the two ends of the paperclip back into a bit of a "U" shape. This distributes the pressure a little better and makes the gluing easier.

Hopefully the instructions were easy to follow, I plan on adding more step by step pictures later. This was sort of a test post.

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